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Wang Yang Attends and Delivers a Keynote Speech at the China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Forum

On November 8, 2013, Vice Premier of the State Council Wang Yang attended the second China-Pacific Island Countries Economic Development and Cooperation Forum and the 2013 China International Green Innovative Products & Technologies Show in Guangzhou, China, and made a keynote speech entitled "Let China-Pacific Friendly Cooperation Advance against the Waves".

Wang Yang highlighted that developing friendly cooperation with the Pacific island countries is part of the long-term strategy guideline of China's diplomacy. The cooperation between China and the Pacific island countries is equal, sincere and pragmatic. China is ready to firmly stand and closely cooperate with each and every island country, setting up a role model for South-South cooperation. Practice has proved and will continue to prove that China is a reliable and sincere friend and a dependable cooperative partner of the Pacific island countries.

Wang Yang announced a series of measures China will take to further support the economic and social development of the Pacific island countries, which includes supporting the construction of major projects of the island countries and providing a total of one billion USD in preferential loans to the island countries China has established diplomatic relations with; setting up a one billion USD special-purpose loan to facilitate infrastructure construction in the island countries, supporting the development of human resources in the island countries, by offering them 2,000 scholarships in the following four years as well as helping them train a batch of professionals; supporting the development of the medical and health services in the island countries, by continuing to provide assistance in the construction of the medical facilities, send medical corps and provide medical apparatus, instruments, and pharmaceuticals; supporting the island countries in developing agricultural production, strengthening cooperation in processing and trade of agricultural and forestry products and well conducting cooperation projects such as demonstration farms; supporting the island countries' efforts in environmental protection and disaster prevention and reduction, and providing aid for the island countries in the construction of a batch of small green energy projects such as hydropower stations, solar energy and methane.

Wang Yang stressed that dealing with climate change and saving our home planet is the common challenge to all mankind as well as the major concern of the Pacific island countries. China understands the special situation and demands of each island country and is willing to comprehensively strengthen its cooperation in green development with the island countries in order to jointly improve the ability to deal with and adjust to climate change.

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