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Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Missions Overseas of China Launch Emergency Mechanism for Asiana Airlines Plane Crash in the United States

The leadership of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council of China have paid high attention to the Asiana Airlines plane crash accident since it happened. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately launched the emergency mechanism, instructed the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco and the Chinese Embassies in the United States and the ROK to check immediately the casualties of Chinese citizens, and urged the U.S. side to try their every effort to rescue and make proper arrangement for the Chinese citizens. The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco set up a special working team of emergency and published the hot-line number right away, staying close contact with the Asiana Airlines company, the airport, the police and the hospital. The Chinese Embassy in the United States has already asked the State Department of the United States to provide relevant support and convenience. The U.S. side promised to provide strong support and assistance to the Chinese side The Chinese Embassy in ROK reached Asiana Airlines company at the first time and urged the company to report on the status of Chinese citizens on board as soon as possible.

It is learnt that there were 307 people on board, including passengers and crew members. As the latest update, two people were killed and 182 were injured and taken to hospital, with 10 plus of them in comparatively serious condition. As the information provided by the San Francisco International Airport, there were 141 Chinese passengers on board. The Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco has sent two batches of consular officers to hospitals to check the casualties of Chinese citizens and will keep the public updated constantly with any new information.

Hot-lines of Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco: 001-415-2168525;001-415-8525924.

Hot-line of Consular Protection, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 0086-10-65964089.

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